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Maya Angelou

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Precious Unique Foundation Inc.
 Independent Living
Safe Haven Housing Program
Crisis Home's 


We are Unique and we provide a Unique independent transitional safe haven home program model.

Our crisis home is for our intake process and assessment processes. We screen every teen pregnant mother to assess their readiness for our intensive strategic guided independence programs. 

The population we services range from ages 14-24 years old. Teen mothers and their baby.

The programs include readiness, to "buckle down", sacrifice approx 10 years of their lives for a successful head-start to their future depending on the age of entry. Our goal is to change the trajectory of a teen mother's life. 


The teen mother must be willing and able to hit the pavement while in high school and must be willing to be in a dual enrollment program, ie: trade school, certificate program, or technical college program that will provide the skill-set necessary to meet the program goals of obtaining employment at 18 years old or after high school graduation /GED.


During their High School phase, the teen will be required to attend driving Ed school and obtain a driver's permit. The teens are not allowed to work during high school due to the many activities and programs they will all be charged with, which may be education, dual enrollment, sports, and any other extra curriculum activities. 

Once the young adult turn18, she will be required to obtain employment immediately. She will be expected to work and attend college or a trade school while adhering to other programs within the program such as attending our 12-week self-esteem course, etiquette and moral/values training courses, attending weekly bible study, attending seminars that teach financial literacy, budgeting, good vs bad credit, and the healthy importance of physical health, mental health, spiritual health, and emotional health.


Parenting classes, counseling, and daycare will be available, in addition to agriculture opportunities by cultivating the land with fresh fruits and vegetables for the local "Farmers Market".


Counseling will be provided to those individuals that require therapy within the PUWF program provided by skilled Social Workers, LPC's, Spiritual Counselors as well as Intern Social Workers and Counselors from various Georgia Colleges.


The 18 -24-year-old population will be required to pay on a sliding scale fee, rent, obtain a checking, savings, Roth IRA, and trust fund account. This will provide and teach accountability and financial responsibilities. They will be required to attend the homeownership webinar and begin the strategic process of buying their first home by age of 24 when they age out of the program.  

The long-term goal is to enter the program and become well-rounded and upon exiting the program, having the ability to buy their first car, have a career job, and purchase their first home. 

With much careful thought and consideration as Precious Unique was too a teen mother at age 15 years young, she navigated the DFCS systems, utilized the child care assistance programs, obtained her CNA certification while she worked, and attended college to become a BSW, and later in life a LMSW all while being a wife and raising 4 beautiful children. She understands first hand the challenges, the struggle and the strive to thrive and "Become" a successful woman in this society! Her passion is to embrace as many teen mothers as possible and be connected to them for life. "Get Connected and Stay Connected". 

Founder | CEO Precious Unique Chiles-Walter, LMSW