Our Mission


Our mission is to empower, uplift, and encourage pregnant teen girls and young adult women to pursue their God-given destinies by providing a safe haven home, a village, providing education, counseling, employment, hosting workshops, events, and retreats that will help them in designing their true purpose in life, while changing the trajectory of their lives. Our mission is to create a space of tranquility and peace for pregnant teen girls to explore their deepest life goals and aspirations as well as address interpersonal issues that are unresolved, by creating spiritual connections. 

Our Purpose


Fostering unity between pregnant teen girls and seasoned women through mentorship and empowerment.

Unity amongst sisterhood within our organization is designed to build powerful networks of spiritual sisters from around the globe who are in search of exploring their God-given destinies. Uniting sisterhood by bringing pregnant teen girls and women together through inspiring and motivational retreats, workshops, and conventions. These outlets are opportunities for women to unite, be inspired, and motivate growth in every area of a woman’s life.