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Welcome to Precious Unique Women's Foundation Inc. Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing home environment where women and children can thrive. Our program is designed to equip participants with the tools and support they need to transition to independence, live a self-sufficient and successful life. We offer case management, clinical services, education, and training services to those in our care. Our team is dedicated to helping our clients get back on their feet and start a new journey towards a more positive and sustainable future.

Precious Unique Women's Foundation Inc. is a transitional home for mothers and their children, who are looking for a fresh start in life. Our independent model program is designed to help young mothers regain control of their lives, with the support of our exceptional staff and community. We provide a safe and nurturing environment, where our residents can focus on achieving their goals and plan for their future. Please contact us to learn more about our program.

Are you a young mother who needs help and support? Look no further than Precious Unique Women's Foundation Inc. We offer transitional homes and a wide range of programs designed to help young mothers to succeed. Our programs are tailored to the needs of young women, and our staff is dedicated to helping them achieve their goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create a brighter future for yourself and your family.

We are a transitional home for young mothers and their children. Our program is designed to empower young mothers to achieve their educational and career goals, providing them with the support they need to succeed. Our goal is to break the cycle of poverty by providing our residents with the skills and education necessary to obtain sustainable employment. We believe that every young mother deserves a chance to create a bright future for themselves and their children, and we are committed to helping them achieve that goal.

At Precious Unique Women's Foundation Inc., we are dedicated to providing a transformative experience for mothers and their children. Our program offers a range of services, including a 12-week self-esteem course, etiquette and moral/values training courses, weekly bible study, and financial literacy education. Our residents are expected to work and attend school while preparing to purchase a home and focusing on physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. We are committed to helping our residents become self-sufficient members of society and create a brighter future for themselves and their families.


Our transitional home is designed to offer mothers and their children the resources they need to thrive. In addition to our counseling and parenting classes, we offer daycare services to help moms focus on their careers or education. We also have agriculture opportunities that allow residents to cultivate fresh fruits and vegetables for the local Farmers Market, teaching valuable skills and providing a sense of community and purpose to our residents. At Precious Unique Women's Foundation Inc., we are dedicated to helping families achieve long-term success.


Our mission at Precious Unique Women's Foundation Inc. is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for mothers and children in transition. In addition to our housing services, we understand the importance of mental health and provide counseling opportunities for those who require and want therapy services. We have a team of skilled social workers, LPC's, spiritual counselors, and intern social workers and counselors from various Georgia colleges who work together to provide quality care to our clients.


At Precious Unique Women's Foundation Inc., we believe in providing a comprehensive approach to helping moms and children in need. Our transitional home not only provides shelter, but also teaches the importance of financial responsibility and independence. We offer a variety of financial resources, including our sliding scale savings program and optional Roth IRA, trust fund, and stock investment accounts. Our program also includes attending the homeownership webinar process, helping our residents achieve the goal of buying their first home by the age of 24. Let us help you and your family thrive.

Precious Unique Women's Foundation Inc. is committed to providing a supportive, empowering environment for mothers and their families. Our program is designed to build the necessary skills and confidence to help families successfully transition into independent living. Our focus on education, job training, and personal growth provides the tools necessary to achieve long-term success and stability. Join our community and take the first step towards a brighter future.

Welcome to Precious Unique Women's Foundation Inc. We help mothers to overcome various life challenges by providing education, employment training, and child care assistance. Our founder, Precious, was once a young 15-year-old mother who faced the struggles of navigating welfare systems and raising four children. However, through her hard work and determination, she became a successful woman in this society. She obtain 3 degrees "AA, BSW, MSW" and works as a Medical Social Worker LMSW. We believe that when you teach a mother, you teach a tribe. Our goal is to empower mothers to regain their independence and be the best version of themselves.



"Get Connected and Stay Connected" -by Dionne C. Coleman MBA

Intake and Assessments

We understand that seeking support can be a daunting process. At Precious Unique Women's Foundation Inc., we have created an intake process that is simple, confidential and respectful of your unique situation. Our intake specialists are compassionate and sensitive to your needs, providing you with the support and guidance you need to get started. You can expect a thorough assessment of your needs and goals, and a personalized plan to help you achieve them. Trust us to advocate for you and support you as you take the first step towards healing and transformation.

Case Management

Precious Unique Women's Foundation Inc. is committed to empowering women to reach their full potential. We provide comprehensive case management services that are tailored to each client's unique needs. Our team works closely with clients to develop individualized goals and provide ongoing support through every step of the process. In addition, we offer a range of practical assistance with housing, childcare, public assistance, and transportation. Our goal is to help women achieve success and independence in all areas of their lives.

Individual Counseling

We believe that everyone deserves access to quality counseling services, regardless of their financial situation. That's why we provide affordable counseling services to all our clients. Our team of experienced counselors is passionate about helping individuals improve their mental health and emotional well-being. We specialize in a range of areas, from depression and anxiety to anger management and relationship issues. Whatever challenges you're facing, we're here to help you overcome them.

Growing Since 2014

Young Parent Groups 

The program utilizes the 'Girls Circle' curriculum developed by the Dionne C. Coleman MBA  The program utilizes a 12-week curriculum that addresses various topics, self-esteem course, etiquette and moral/values training courses, attending weekly bible study, attending seminars that teach financial literacy, budgeting, good vs bad credit, and the healthy importance of physical health, mental health, spiritual health, and emotional health. Specifically in increasing resiliency and skills to increase protective factors. 

Teen parents often feel isolated and alone, not knowing where to go for support. Our parent groups meet weekly at sites throughout the community, and provide a safe space where young moms and dads can find non-judgmental support with their peers.

“As a new parent, I didn’t know much about babies. But going to group helped me improve my parenting skills and taught me how to take care of my daughter. It helps talking to other parents like me who know what I’m going through.”– Group participant

Skills Training

Our 12-week curriculum program is specifically designed to help women take charge of their lives and succeed in their career and educational pursuits. We understand the barriers that women face in the job market and in school, and we are committed to providing the resources and support necessary to overcome these obstacles. Our program is designed to be flexible and to accommodate the needs of each individual, ensuring that every woman who participates can achieve their goals.

Financial Literacy

The program prepares participants to manage their finances with classes on budgeting, checking and savings, income attainment and the importance of credit on current and future success.

Pregnancy/ parenting CLASSES

The challenge is to provide residents with an outlet for exploration of fears and questions about pregnancy and parenting in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. Education and training are key components of the overall program. The training includes weekly classes and/or discussions on health issues during pregnancy and preparation for child birth. These classes include nutrition, feeding options and other family planning and outsource training.

Educational Services

The program  supports the education of participants by providing transportation to their home or local school districts. In addition, online education services and general educational development (GED) programs offer participants a chance to complete high school graduation. PUWF goal is to offer tutoring, college planning and financial aid support to further participants' educational aims. Participants may also participate in the Atlanta Work Source Georgia training programs that provide a STEP- Forward

Social Involvement

The program offers the opportunity for peer-to-peer and community interaction to enhance social skills. This also presents an opportunity for participants to practice their socialization skills within their home communities and increase their self-esteem. Giving back and Volunteer.

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