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Founder | Executive Director 

Precious Unique Chiles-Walter

Precious U. Chiles- Walter, LMSW is a native of Compton, California, currently living in Lawrenceville, Georgia, she has 4 children and 6 granddaughters and 3 bonus granddaughters, she received her undergraduate BSW at California State University Los Angeles in Social Work (2004) and her Masters of Social Work from Clark Atlanta University, Whitney M. Young School of Social Work (2012).  She attended the Georgia State University Non-Profit Certification program in 2014. 


She is currently a travel License Master Social Worker servicing teen girls in foster care, and seniors as a care manager, facilitating therapy services, and a hospital medical social worker. She became a teen mother at the age of 15 years old she was pro-life. Her passion to help young women comes from her own life challenges, and experiences. She was supposed to be a statistic but she rose above the norm as a teen mom from Compton California.


Her goal is to help young women across the nation to overcome the obstacles that arise in one's life and create the life every woman should desire for herself and her children, the privilege to choose "The American Dream". She desires to create maternity homes across the nation "safe havens" where young women are afforded the opportunity to create a beautiful life for their children, obtain access to higher education, raise their children in a safe environment, obtain a career of their choice and purchase a home prior to leaving her 2-year structured supportive housing program.










 Chief Financial Officer- Treasurer



  Hana Hawthorne, LCSW

Hana Hawthorne is a mom and licensed social worker.


As Founder & Executive Director of Lyfejourneys, an organization that guides women along their journey with coping skills to decrease stress and lean into intentional practice of radical self care, she offers professional life coaching that engages women to decompress and redevelop a positive relationship with self.


Hana, holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social Work from, CLARK ATLANTA UNIVERSITY, located in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently residing on the west coast in Corona, California.  She enjoys working with the youth and women to challenge themselves to feel seen, nurture themselves, and shoot for the stars.

Director of Community Relations and Fundraising 
Stacy Hudson, BS

Executive Board Secretary

Dorietta Thomas, MSW 

Dorietta Thomas is a 20 -year veteran Human Services Consultant, specializing in Anger Management, Grief, Mental Health, Theft Prevention, DUI, and Home Studies. She received a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Savannah State University in 2003, followed by a Master's in 2006, within the same field. She is currently working on her LCSW. Dorietta has worked with several organizations and hospitals, helping Children suffering from physical abuse and neglect and individuals dealing with mental health and substance abuse. She also has experience in field work, conducting in home therapy for children with mental and behavioral issues and she facilitates mental health and substance abuse group meetings.

DoriettaProfesional pictures.jpg

Stacy Hudson is a 12-year former Delta Airlines customer service agent.  Former Atlanta Metropolitan College administrative assistant for women's basketball and a Long Beach City College administrative assistant for woman's basketball. She has an Associate's Degree in criminal justice, from Atlanta Metropolitan College and a Bachelor of Science degree from Clayton State University in criminal justice. She is a small business owner of Keina’s croc charms with her daughter Keina. They donate charms and the proceeds from sales to many individuals and organizations across the United States. Her goal is to be an active part of making the world a happy place, by sharing and caring for her gifts and skills with communities.


Volunteer Liaison Director Consultant

LaQuisha Anderson

Serves as the BLAYD Board Secretary.

LaQuisha Anderson is an advocate for public education, children, and families. LaQuisha is a small business owner and a dedicated volunteer to organizations like AYSO, Soccer Region 1031, and Precious Unique Women's Foundation Inc. 

It has always been a deep passion of LaQuisha to advocate on behalf of disadvantaged youth.

She says, "In my eyes, any child is at a disadvantage if they don't have someone fighting for their future." Being a part of the PTA has allowed LaQuisha to fulfill that purpose as well as richly impact the lives of her family and community. 

She has served on the ABC PTA, and LaQuisha has served on the Unit Council at the District levels. She has served as a Unit President, Unit Treasurer, Council VP of Communications, Unit Mentor, and Council President. She is a member of the School Site Council. 

Because of her hard work, dedication, and passion for children and families, she has also been the recipient of the Honorary Service Award.



Wanda Holmes, BSW
Public Relations


Jayto Somah-Cassell, MSW

Volunteer Coordinator

Jenell Jenkins, BSW 

Volunteer Coordinator

Jenell Jenkins received her Bachelor's Degree in Social Work and has worked and volunteered in Social Service for 20-plus years. Jenell worked with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development in Housing Discrimination for 10-plus years. Jenell worked with the Gwinnett County Department of Family and Children's Service as a Foster Care Case Manager in child protection, foster care, and adoption units.


 She is a loving compassionate woman, a daughter, sister, friend, and mentor to many individuals. Jenell gives back to her community and has worked and volunteered with many organizations to support first-time moms through the WIC program and in child abuse prevention programs. She has facilitated support groups for moms and playgroups for moms and their babies. 


Jenell is also a Board Member for “More than a Mother” and she participates in their Easter Egg Hunt for women and children. Prepared PPE and personal items in packets and distribute them to homeless men, pregnant women, and women with children. Jenell has held girl's groups with teenage girls at the Gwinnett County Boys and Girls Club. Annually, Jenell is a recurring sponsor for Gwinnett County teens in foster care through our foundation since 2017. 

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